Spring football is not a new concept, however, a sustainable spring football league has yet to take hold. Major League Football is that league. We have scrutinized the efforts of those who have gone before us from an intimate vantage point. Over the last five years we have worked diligently to structure this league to overcome the obstacles others could not.
Our streamlined focus creates significantly lower overhead which enhances the game-plan for longevity. As fiduciaries, we must always act responsibly on behalf of our investors. Every efficiency will be utilized while building the brand and broadening the league’s following. With decades of experience in professional football, our Executive Management Team has the requisite skill-set to make this endeavor successful.

Please refer all inquiries to:
Frank Murtha, President/CEO f.murtha@mlfb.com
Kevin McLenithan, Investor Relations k.mclenithan@mlfb.com