March 30, 2020

Major League Football (MLFB) has previously discussed in our SEC filings, our plans to possibly play a short demonstration season in three of our cities in May and June of 2020. We noted that this would be subject to the development of events surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Due to the unfortunate spread of this virus and the guidance from government and medical agencies, we are cancelling those plans. MLFB Management will be turning all of our efforts to prepare for a full 6-team, 8-game schedule commencing in the spring of 2021.

Previously, MLFB announced the acquisition of all football, office and medical equipment of the AAF. This purchase consisted of enough equipment to outfit and support eight teams. We have moved the massive amount of equipment into our central warehouse in San Antonio. It has been re-organized and is ready to ship to our team cities once it is appropriate. While disappointed in the delay COVID-19 has caused, and in being thoughtful of all of those affected both physically and financially by it, gaining possession of this equipment is a huge positive event while moving the league forward.

We are also quite pleased that both the AAF and XFL attracted the fan interest and broadcast ratings that we have always anticipated for spring professional football. Clearly that fan interest will support our efforts in the years to come.

Major League Football knows that the intervening months will allow us to continue our ongoing evaluation of prospective players, finalize venue leases, and determine our broadcast platforms. The impact of the recent events reduces the amount and timing of our capital raise requirements set forth in our previous SEC filings. We will provide our shareholders and fans with continued updates.